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SEO Service Company Key Contributors

Are you thinking about building in-house SEO or curious to know how each member contributes in SEO Service Company? If your answer is yes, this is a 3 minutes quick read to define the role of each member responsible for driving all SEO efforts for your firm.

As a pioneering SEO service provider company, Digitalsolutionlab would like to clear that in-house SEO is completely a different beast than outsourcing SEO. Here, your members must have to concentrate on every niche of digital optimization of your firm. Indeed, it seems easy rather that handling 50 websites at once but, without having defined role of each member it have more chances of failure.

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To provide the details long-term, holistic approach for complete website SEO, here we are with members of SEO team and their role.

SEO Manager
As the designation clears, the role of SEO manager is to typically set the goal plan for team members to achieve on daily, monthly and quarterly basis. He is the one with entire vision to lead the team for providing with improved SEO results.

Under the list of responsibilities under this role, SEO manager has to hire skilled people to generate leading search engine optimization efforts for the firm. Final aim for this role is to generate ROI for the firm by putting best efforts to strengthen online presence of the website.

SEO Specialist
As the leading firm for SEO services in Australia, Digitalsolutionlab proudly employs SEO Specialist who is best in the niche. The volume of typical individual contributor role of this designation allows the team member to implement updated strategies. The role also takes ownership to drive traffic to the platform by –

  • Content On-page optimization for the website
  • Off-site optimization of links
  • Optimization of social media marketing strategy and AdWords drives where applicable

Link Builder

The reliability of the online platforms is largely driven by strong on-page and off-page linking. This is why the role of Link Builder is crucial. Defining this role separately is essential for any firm to build powerful linking across the web. Digitalsolutionlab responsibly allot Link builder to the customer websites under its SEO packages to acquire strong base of all the links.

Content Writer

SEO Service Company can’t execute its efforts without having a proficient writer. The Content Writer is an individual contributor who creates writing pieces to attract and engage your audience. More upon it, the role is also important for driving link generations and circulation of SEO. Content writer works in the vision of SEO manager’s recommendations for achieving higher rankings.

Social Media Manager

The Social Media Manager has a specific role in setting the style and tone of the brand on social platforms. This role has a key contribution of creating brand awareness and adding followers for the website.

Final words
Each role and contribution of SEO team is driven by strategic decisions within the company. If your business is lacking at SEO front and your budget is limited, it is best to outsource SEO consultant.

Digitalsolutionlab is one of the most up-to-date agencies with updated processes that work on the latest and greatest algorithm of search engines. Reach us to get best SEO packages in a budget.


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